Monday, February 18, 2013

Permanent Unlock For Huawei E153u-1

Unlocking Huawei E153u-1 (Permanent)

Using Huawei Modem Flasher v1.6 By Fr3nsis

You Only Need Huawei Modem Flasher And E153u update 11.609.18.00.00.B427

* Plug in Your Huawei E153 To Your PC/Laptop Then Goto To Your Device Manager And Look For The COM PORT Of Your Device. (e.g.)


* Run Huawei Modem Flasher v.1.6 by fr3nsis
* Choose Nv Items - Then Back-up (This Is Very Important!)
After The Process Completes,

* Choose Selecct Firmware - And Then Extract From Exe. Select E153u update 11.609.18.00.00.B427
* Uncheck The 6th Bin

* Choose Flash Modem - Normal Mode. (If You Got Error Choose Resurrect Mode.)

* Wait 'Til You See This Message Before Pressing The OK BUTTON.

* Then Press OK.

* Wait 'Til Its Done. Ignore Writing 08.bin (0x00D7159C) FAIL (Ack 0x03).
* Final Step : Goto Nv Items Again Then Choose Restore. (If You Got Error, Close The Flasher Unplug Your Modem, Restart Your PC/Laptop. Then Try Again).

* DOne.

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  1. cant backup my files what should i do?

  2. cant backup my files what should i do?

  3. Thank you .. You have succeeded ..
    I noticed that you canceled the number of the photo and did not mention you in the explanation.